Monday, June 01, 2015

What I love about #1: The Netherlands

Hello Hello! I've decided to start a new series on my blog! What I love about:... I choose one country every time, I tell something about the history, about the weather, about the food (of course). And more! So today I start of with my home country, The Netherlands. Enjoy!

The Netherlands:
Language: Dutch
Capital city: Amsterdam
16.9 million residents
Drives on the right ;)
41,543 km2

Windmill's of course!

The Dutch landscape was shaped in the last two ice ages (Pleistoceen & holoceen). After that there were hunters and collectors in the Netherlands. The name speaks for itself ;) 

In the 17th century, The Netherlands were speaking of the golden century (golden age). The Dutch economics were going extremely well. Dutch people travelled over sea to Asia, Africa, America. (some Dutch people were not really kind to the populations there) To get spices and other things they could sell to their business partners. All about the trade and (much) money.

In the second World War, the Netherlands were also involved. There died a lot of people, we still commemorate those people and our freedom on the 4th of May.

The country of bikes and cycling. Everybody has one I think. You can jump on your bike so easily. And it's good for nature too! I love the feeling in the morning, cycling as fast as I can. With the wind in the back, sun rising... (side note: NOT fun when it's raining cats & dogs...)

Talking about the weather, the clouds here are always nice (when it's not cloudy haha). I'm lucky to have a attic room with a huge window! Soon I'll have more sunset photo's! I love clouds & sunsets...

Special day: Kingsday, the orange feeling everywhere! Street markets, music and more... I've made a post about my Kingsday, if you want to read it click here!

Food: Stroopwaffels! (syrup waffle) are the best things in the world! Especially when they are warm! Typical dutch food, Fries with a kroket (croquette), bitterballen, hotchpotch (which I've only eaten once luckily..) Pancakes with pea soup. A LOT haha! But stroopwaffels are still the best :)

Fun: Efteling theme park!!! My favorite theme park I've been so far. All about the fairy tales. Attractions, roller coasters, shows, food... A world full of wonders...

For some reason (?) I couldn't find a picture of the Dutch coast. 
So this is Belgium (somehow the same...)

Nature: We have a lot, even tough we are a small busy country. We still have some beautiful nature, We have our lovely coast, but also forest and wild nature. Lovely to take a walk...

I hope you liked this post! Let me know if you did! What country do you want me to do next? I think about Finland, Austria.... 
I'll see you soon!


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  1. I love your idea about this new serie! This post was really really nice (like all of your posts hehe) Can't wait the next one! Maybe about Finland :D? Love you my cousin! Kisses xoxo



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