Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Frenchs gardens & Cinnamon buns

Bonjour mon amis! Comme ca va? Excuse me for that little French moment, I'm in the mood for some good croissants and a cup of coffee... (okey, I don't like coffee. But is sounds better than water!) ANYWAY I have to show you some pictures I shot this week! Vous l'apprécierez!

First things first THE FOOD. Holy bun what a bun, no jokes Anna, no jokes. The cinnamon bun from Lidl bakery. I can't handle the fact that the lidl in our neighbourhood doesn't have a bakery, Because their cinnamon buns are BOMB!

Lavender is one of those things I've loved since I can remember. When I was small we had two little lavender plants in our garden. I always put my hand into them because they smell so good.

And of course, the road trips in France. Loads of lavender in the Provence...
Bumblebees were taking over the plants ;)

You see!? I don't like to meet them in real life (traumatic Winnie the Pooh, he was constantly followed by bees). But on these photo's they look really cute right?!

That was everything for today! I hope you enjoyed the French vibes! ;)
Au Revoir! Bientôt!


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