Thursday, July 02, 2015

Heatwave & Icecream

Hello! Currently, there's a heatwave circling around in the Dutch air. They're expecting above 38'C! That's not normal for the Dutch weather! So today I'll share some beautiful benefits about this weather!

More hot-air balloons! I would love love love to hang in the air, watch everything from above. The silence, the view. Definitely on my bucket list!

Overload? Hahaha, yes I love sunset pictures. Sometimes there is that one beautiful sunset. SO enjoyable! Sidenote: For these pictures I stood on our garden table (risking my life ;)) with bare feet..

Eating icecream (loads...) I mean who doesn't like icecream on a hot day! I had a mango, raspberry. And my mother a citron, cheesecake. NOM

July has just started and I can't wait for the holiday! I'm going to do a lot of fun stuff and I'll also have a few birthday parties left!

That was everything for now, I have to study for the test week (2 more days!). I hoped you liked this little post and I'll see you soon!

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