Wednesday, July 15, 2015

'Make it like your birthday everyday'

Hello! How are you? I'm good, the past few weeks have been all about birthday's. And since that means some exciting news for the blog. I'm gonna show you all... Click on read more to see!

My Birthday was on the 27th of June. On the day itself my Dutch family was here. It was so much!

The next weekend, two of my Finnish family members were here. And I had enough money to go buy my lens! The 50 mm 1.8. I was so excited and it's SO NICE!

That day it was around 40 ('c) degrees so we went to the cinema. The Minion movie if you couldn't tell ;). I laughed so hard! I highly recommend it. We watched it in 3D. I thought Bob was the cutest. And of course afterwards, my sister bought this minion (Stuart to be exact). I'm also pumped to buy one. They're so cute :)

When we came back in the heat (the cinema was perfectly cool). We bought an icecream. I had yogurt & strawberry, and my mom cheesecake & cherry, something like that.

The next day we went to the Efteling. You can read all about my day in this post. It felt magical to celebrate my birthday in the Efteling!

Last week my hoop from Hoopityourself arrived. I was so excited! I bought the zebra printed one. With blue (of course) and green. It looks so cute and after half an hour of practice I did it! It's so much fun and good for your body. (HELLO fun work-out)

And I bought myself the Flow magazine holiday box. So cute, and I can't wait for my holiday.

Yes, doesn't this look yummy? A blueberry yogurt type of cake. Seriously, I have one piece left in the fridge and while I'm typing this I can't control myself for grabbing it. (OK, it's gone...)

And to stay in the Birthday mood, my niece had her birthday party this weekend. I had cake again (of course, every excuse to eat a birthday pie is a good excuse).

That was everything I wanted to tell you for today! I'll be posting more frequently because I'm in a good blogging mood! See y'all soon! BAAAAAAYYYEE



  1. Nog gefeliciteerd (oké, heel laat, haha)! Die taart met blauwe bessen ziet er heeeerlijk uit!

    1. Dankjewel, haha! Ja, die taart was inderdaad SO GOOD :) Liefs

  2. Gefeliciteerd. Leuk om dit te lezen.


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