Wednesday, July 08, 2015

My day in the Efteling #2

Yes, Efteling is my favorite theme park EVER (haven't been to Disney yet...). So when my mother asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, I decided not to have a BIG sweet sixteen party. I went to the Efteling with my mom, sister, aunt and best friend (Pauline :))...

For this article I edited the pictures differently, I thought it looked pretty cool. ANYWAY, let's start of with the begin... (Warning! 50 pictures, oops!)

Around half past 10 in the morning we arrived, all excited and ready for the day.

Pauline had mirror sunglasses so I took a picture of myself ;) I was wearing a floppy hat from Lidl. Which was perfect for that day.

I feel like the details in the Efteling are so nice! It's a fairytale theme park if you didn't know yet. Besides that they have loads of fun things to do and see, you're surrounded by nature. (5500 trees, I have the Efteling app with all that kind of information ;))  Yes, I love Efteling...


After an hour or two, we got a Sundea ice cream. I had the caramel flavoured one, NOM.

We jumped into the train to the other side of the park.

Where it's more 'wild' read: roller coasters and other fun things. Me and Pauline went into the Python (roller coaster you see here ^). Producing a sound of 170 db (screaming, hehe).

We also wanted to go in the new dive coaster, Baron 1898. But it was really new (1st of July opened) and really crowded read: waiting more than an hour.

Going into the Piranha, white water course. Was one of the most fun things. We all got wet, a lot! read: walking while leaving traces...

Summer vibes, lanterns in the tree & people singing and making fun.

Fata Morgana, all in the Arabic style. Really nice and fun!

Around 3 pm we went into one of the boats (Gondoletta) and ate a salad which we brought from home. It has become a tradition to eat something there in our family. Nice to sit after such a long time of walking. But watch out for those irritating seagulls!

Because it was my birthday party, we went to a restaurant and ate a pie. This is Pauline her apple pie because mine didn't look tasteful with the filter over it ;'). But I had a delicious strawberry pie!

After the pie we went to the fairytale forest. So much fun! This is Sleeping beauty her castle!

Little Red Riding hood! My sister had a wolf cap on, it looked so funny!


One of my favorite, fairytale tree. He tells stories about the fairytale figures. He's famous on the Dutch (children) TV.

And after the fairytale forest it was already 7 pm. We ate french fries and a kroket (typical Dutch^). 

And after dinner the Aquanura (water show) started.

Aquanura is the biggest water show in Europe, really nice. (coloured photo's under this article)

Around 9 pm we went back home and there was this beautiful sunset!

Did you see the rainbow?!
I had a wonderful day! I hope you liked this post! I'll be posting more upcoming weeks because sumemr holiday is almost here! Which means traveling, posting, photographing MORE!!! So excited! See you soon! 

How are you?



  1. Ah hele mooie foto's! Meteen weer zin om een dagje heen te gaan. Blijft magisch.

  2. Mooie foto's@ Ik ben echt gek op de Efteling! X


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