Thursday, July 23, 2015

New in: Sperry Shoes | Frontrunner Bahama

For today's post I'm showing you my new Sperry shoes. Since my feet have stopped growing (HOORAY) I like to add (MORE) shoes to my collection. When I was shopping in sale I saw this pair of Sperry's....

They are called the Sperry frontrunner bahama in pink/coral & grey. Yep, that's exactly what they look like. I've never had Sperry shoes before. It's a shoe brand which started with boat shoes. Which is really suitable for me because I love boats and everything!

The sole is reciprocal which is necessary for my feet. I have my own soles. That way I can walk without pain which is a BIG plus! Most of the time flat shoes are a little bit of a problem. Now it's not!

Hooray for white feet! I can easily walk with them, cycling is neither a problem :). I can't wait to wear them at the beach or something. They are so cute!

I wore them with this outfit! Which I showed you in my last post. Perfectly comfy <3

Sperry's are normally a little too expensive for my wallet. But I got them in sale with 50% off! €35,- That's perfect I think! I was so lucky :)

Yes, I'm happy with these new babies. I think I'll wear them a lot this summer!
How would you pair these with your outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Noticed something? I'm posting every other day! I hope you like it!

Until next time!


  1. Wat zijn ze leuk zeg! Ik ben stiekem een beetje jaloers :).

  2. Ze zien er erg leuk uit! Voor deze schoenen heb ik altijd al een beetje liefde gehad, maar er was een ander paar schoenen dat mijn hartje deden smelten. Ik denk wel dat dit mijn volgende zomerschoenen worden. (:

    1. Klinkt als een goed plan! Ze lopen erg lekker! Dus ik zou zeggen doen, haha! Veel Liefs


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