Sunday, August 02, 2015

August | History #1

August, loads of things happen in 1 month. What happened in August? What is August? I'm a little history nerd, so maybe it is fun to fly back in time... Enjoy the ride!

August has 31 days, is the eighth month of the year and is most likely named after emperor Augustus. Or Sextilis in Latin, which was the sixth month in the Roman calendar (August nowadays).

  • It was a historical month for loads of countries. Some of them got Independence, Indonesia. A country with a really interesting history I think. Jamaica, India (both beautiful I think, never been tough). Korea, Ukraine, Pakistan....
  • Anne Frank, who lived in the Netherlands during WWII. Wrote her last page in her diary (1st of August 1944). Three days later she was send to a concentration camp and died in February 1945
  • Columbus with his ships set sail on the 3th of august to find India. But found on October 12 America.
  • 15th of August 1805, Napoleon Bonaparte was born. He became a French emperor with a huge influence. He lost the battle of Waterloo. Which is a fun song from the Swedish band Abba too :)
  • The 24th in 79 A.D , the volcano Vesuvius (in Italy) destroyed the city Pompeii. Which is nowadays on the UNESCO list. I made a playlist with a song called Pompeii which you can listen here!
  • August 31th 1997, Princess Diana died in a car crash  after being pursued by photographers. Great Britain was in tears.

I like getting to know things about history, so I hope you liked this post! Should I do a post like this every month? Let me know!

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  1. Ja, lijkt me eigenlijk wel leuk. Post vaker zulke dingen!

  2. Je bent iets in het lijstje vergeten: 30 augustus 1998 Reyhan Rainbow geboren x)


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