Saturday, August 22, 2015

On the road: Netherlands -> Sweden

Hei! Here it is! My journey about my holiday! Today I'll tell you about how we waited for over 4 hours in line. Ate terrible french fries and survived stormy weather. Hope you enjoy!

It was a cold stormy day when we left our save home. Bye, Netherlands. See you soon. The highways were clear and easy to drive. With my headphones on, my sister and I were watching some movies we brought with us.
As soon we were in Germany the highways weren't that clear anymore. There was a fog which wandered among the cars. It was a long drive and there were a lot of ques. At the end of the evening. We arrived at the place where we had to wait for the boat, to go to Denmark. 1,5 hours we were standing there in the rain. Being tired and waiting for the boat.

Luckily we got to the boat a little earlier than expected. And were ready for dinner. Well, ''dinner'' it was: french fries (a little bit much oil/fat) & two sausages. Not my favorite but I survived (Anna, don't be a drama queen).

We arrived in Denmark safely and went to our hotel (motel).

Denmark is beautiful. I'll tell you more about it soon! It was a few hours drive before we got to Helsingør the harbour where we got our boat to Helsingborg in Sweden!

Helsingborg, Sweden!

And then we were on our way to Göteborg! Which I'll tell you more about in my next post!
See ya!


  1. Wat een heerlijk artikel zeg! Ik ben zelf ook gek op Zweden! Echt een prachtig land en ik kom er al mijn hele leven lang. Nu ik deze foto's heb gezien wil ik gelijk weer terug - heimwee!! Hihi

  2. Zweden <3! Wat ziet het er super gezellig en knus uit. Ik ga je volgen zodat ik de rest van het verhaal kan lezen yay. Volgend semester heb ik als extra vak Zweeds gekozen dus ik ben benieuwd haha

    1. Super leuk! Zweeds is een mooie taal! Liefs


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