Monday, August 31, 2015

Stockholm colours & Finnish boats

Hello! As the title says, I'm going to talk about our way from Sweden to Finland. We had some boat adventures.... (didn't drown)

From Göteborg it was a few hours drive before we got to Stockholm. We stopped at Brahehus to lunch and watched some movies in the car. When we arrived in Stockholm (early to be second in line :D). We came out of the car and enjoyed the harbour view.

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden. And is known as the Venice of the North. Because of the many lakes and waters inside the city.

We went with Viking line, always brings back memories from when I was young. We used to go by the Viking line boat :) I remember they had a boat supermarket. Where they sold my favorite drink back then (Trip lemonade). And there was this dancing place with a huge mirror on the ceiling where I danced as a 4 year old.

As soon as we got on the boat. We went out to check the view from the deck. (After waiting for our cabin, but that besides). The Finnish flag was waving at us and we had a beautiful Stockholm view!

On the boat we ate dinner. I had a Huge (yes, a HUGE) burger. It was really good and after dinner we walked around in the boat.

There were people singing and dancing and it looked so nice! We (me, my sister & parents, if you didn't know yet :)) walked our way back to the cabin and fell a sleep.

In the morning we woke up really early in Turku, Finland! We had to drive a few hours to our destination.

And when we got there, we went to Lidl and bought korvapuusti! Cinnamon bread with sugar! MY FAVORITE no, don't say it's a Kanell bullar. Sweden and Finland don't agree on this bread (it's Finnish ;) )

On our way to the summer cottage....  Almost every Finnish family has a summer cottage. We are lucky to have our summer cottage next to the lake. It's beautiful!

It was kind of gloomy the day when we arrived. But I'll tell you more about our summer cottage soon! Until next time!


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