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Swedish Hotspots in Göteborg | Gothenburg

Hej! Hur står det till? Ok, I looked that up.. Thanks Google ANYWAY, Sweden, culture, food, hotspots: do I need to say more? Click on read more for my adventure in Göteborg (Gothenburg)

Gothenburg or Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden and has the biggest harbour. It is a city with history and has loads of different sides. Cute little Swedish cafes and a big industry.

First of, how did we get here. On our way to Finland we stayed a few days in Sweden, with friends who live near Göteborg. They guided us through Götebog and we had a good time!

We started the day early and walked around a little. LOOK AT THE BUBBLES, I was so excited haha!

We went inside of the cathedral in Göteborg, just to look around. It looked very modern and there were much marble details.

There was a photo exposition in the cathedral. The fog in the photo is not real. on the other side of the photo there was another photo. Both photo's were printed on glass. So they had this mysterious effect! You saw the print of the other photo as fog in the photo! Really cool idea!

!Hotspot alert! At Ahlströms Konditori we bought bread to eat while walking. My mom choose a 'Fruktbröd surdeg'. She said it was ''So Good''. And I choose a 'Valnötsbröd surdeg'. I've never tasted a walnut bread like this. It was so tasteful! Definitely recommend them (here a link to their site, sorry it's in Swedish ;) )

Than there was this cute shop called Balders hage. An interior shop which has literally the cutest things. Little plants, small gifts, interior heaven!

The harbour! We first took the city side of the harbour which has the Lipstick building (yes, it is). The opera house and beautiful boats. And then we went to the more industrial side of the harbour to have a picnic with some sweet Swedish pastries.

If you're looking for fresh fish, you should go to the fish church. The ''church'' you see here on the right side of the photo is the place to be. Inside there are market stands with men and women who sell different kinds of fish. My favorite is Salmon! What's your favorite fish? 

Another hotspot is Haga nygata. A street with the cutest shops. A little touristic, but if you're looking for something cute. This is the place.

And that is everything I wanted to show you about Göteborg! I had a blast in this beautiful city!
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  1. Wow! Die foto's die over elkaar op glas gedrukt zijn zijn echt heel gaaf! Wat een mooie stad en die laatste shop ziet er echt heerlijk uit. Xx


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