Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Swedish on the road hotspot | Brahehus

Hellow! Today I have an 'on the road hotspot'. Literally on the road. Are you driving from Helsingbor to Stockholm or further? This is the place to picnic and to take a break. A beautiful place: Swedish lake, a castle and nature...

Brahehus is a ruin in Sweden, laid next to the second largest lake Vättern. The castle is build in 1642. Laid next to the highway E4. The E4 goes from Helsingborg to Tornio in Finland (South Sweden- North Finland).

We were driving from Göteborg to Stockholm. Because we had to catch our boat, to go to Finland! Anyway, we've always stopped in Brahehus for a break since I'm little. It's so nice!

That day it was kind of cloudy but as you can see still beautiful!

As you can see you have to walk under the highway to get there. On this side of the road there is the parking place and a restaurant/toilet very important

These photo's are from when we got back from Finland. That day the sky was clear and warm (but still windy in the castle).

As you can see it is SO NICE! And pictureable is that a word?

I hope I informed you enough about this hotspot. We always picnic here and take a walk around and in the castle. I hope you enjoyed! See you soon!

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  1. Wat een leuke hotspot! Ik vind de foto van jou en het uitzicht erg mooi. X


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