Thursday, September 17, 2015

Autumn feelings | Anna's Weekly

Hello People of the interwebs! How are you doing? Autumn has not officially started yet, but it's getting cozy these days. We ate the apples out of our apple trees. And ate applepie with a steaming mug of tea ....

Every morning starts with a sunrise. When I woke up this week, and looked out of my window, Amazing! The colours make me think of cinnamon & applepie!
Also talking about mornings, school is going pretty well. I have loads of new friends and I enjoy most of my subjects. The only downside is that I'm struggling with migraine, which makes me really tired. (trust me, migraine is not just a headache...)

The fact that I've bought a gingerbread smelling candle makes me want to dance! It makes me think of piparkakku (Finnish cookies, which I eat with Christmas!). Every time I smell it, I feel a real need to bake something...

Talking about baking... My mom is a genius, I mean look at this... They are small mini pies with all kinds of berries. They were gone fast.

And yep, that was a small update. Letting you know that I'm still here, alive :) Now I'm off to dinner (salmon, my favorite fish!)
See y'all soon!

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