Saturday, September 12, 2015

I went to a concert...

And it was so much fun! The band Racoon was playing, a Dutch band. They sing English *YEAY* And when I was there, I had a blast seeing the band playing loads of songs I knew, and didn't knew.

Bertolf was first playing, I thought it was nice. He sounded so young. I thought he was like 20 or something, but he is 35 haha!

And then there was Racoon! I was singing (quietly, don't want to murder anyone...) the songs I knew well, and had a blast! They made funny jokes and were really entertaining!

I have made a little video from the concert! So you can see/feel the vibes :)
Hope you like it!
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That was everything for today! A short little post, but I'll update you soon!
Have a nice weekend!



  1. Ze zijn zo goed! Leuk dat je er heen was :)

  2. Jep, ik was dus ook bij dat concert :)
    Zat denk ik zo'n 2 rijen voor je!
    Was een geweldig concert!

    Tim :)


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