Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pie - Nature - Firework

Hello y'all, today I'm in the mood for fall. I don't like the fact that it's getting colder. But besides that, I really like being inside doing my own things...

Cold weather means this: my mother baking more cakes. This was a chocolate caramel cake. It was so good, like a twix chocolate bar! Also the speculaas season has started! Which makes me think that I really should bake something myself!

Talking about things I should do, walk more. Go into the forest Anna, you like it!

Thought this picture worked out pretty great.

A mushroom, I like the word. Mushhhrooooommm

I don't know how to capture these photo's, but exciting news! Upcoming spring I'm going to Barcelona! I'm so excited and I'm already studying some Spanish words:
Holla, Me llamo Anna y soy holandesa. No comprender nada....

Let's end this post with some fireworks. I hope to see you soon!
Until next time!


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