Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Lake house... Finland | Anna27Scrapbook

Hello y'all! Here I'm back again! Survived my first week of school! And looking back at the holiday photo's gives me that ultimate feeling of: It was great! Today I'll tell you more about our summer cottage! Enjoy!

Summer cottage, Mökki is it called in Finnish. Most of the time it is a small wooden house. They are used as holiday houses. And now a days there are over half a million in Finland! Almost every family has one. I've been a lot of summers in our summer cottage Mökki. But this time I took some pretty good photo's! I think...

As you can see, our Mökki is laid next to a lake, I remember swimming with my cousins, and fishing with my dad. It has always been nice. This time we were only with four persons in the cottage, what made it all a little easier. Our own rhythm and everything. we enjoyed our rest and even slept for 12 hours straight! Two times!

Yes, the fresh air felt amazing (probably why we slept for 12 hours straight). Now that I'm back home and in the city again, I realise that I need to go out more. Forest adventures are always good, right?

That were a few photo's . I have a lot more Finland to show you! So if you would follow me on Bloglovin' You'll see when I post something! Hope to see you soon!


  1. wauw... Echt prachtige natuur! En dat gif'je is echt ge-wel-dig, zo mooi ook!


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