Friday, October 30, 2015

Germany | Food in Kleve

The fact that it was 11 am in the morning, made us really feel like the supermarket area was full of good surprises. The konditorei (little bakery/cafe) was crowded and it smelled like a mix of well filled sandwiches and sweet pastries. The result:......

I had a chocolate pie with peaches, a little dry. But still tasty :)

My sister had an apple pie, really fresh! My favorite, it was a good combination between sweet and sour.

My father had a schwarzwälder kirsch pie. Also really yummy, but I personally don't like cherries that much. It looks really good too!

And a healthy German bread, nommy! This was my moms sandwich with egg, ham and lettuce.

Hoffmannallee 35, 47533 Kleve, Duitsland
+49 2821 70336

It was a real grocery shopping day, my mom bought a lot of different baking stuff. And it was basically all about going in and out the shops we had to visit, still fun tough! Kleve is a really nice city, I've been there before. It was a little cloudy but I still got a few snapshots:

It was a really fun day! And I hope to go back soon for a more cultures day.
See y'all soon!

Have you ever been to Germany?
Yes, Do you like the German bakeries?


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