Sunday, October 04, 2015

Good food & Culture in Maastricht

Hey guys! How are you all doing? I've been really busy lately. Last weekend I was in Maastricht. The oldest city in the Netherlands. I had so much fun wandering around the city! Click on read more, so I can show you more about the good food and little hotspots!

It was a cold morning when we arrived. But I was happy, the smell of an other city was good. It had been a week of migraine and this was the first day I didn't feel bad anymore. As you can see :)

We had been shopping a little in V&D and we got hungry. La Place is like my all time favorite lunch/dinner place. We had with the three of us (my mom, sister and I) one pizza. It was so good! My all time favorite strawberry smoothie, and strawberry pie on the side.... Yes, it was good :)
(this was my mothers pie: with nuts, raisins and apple) 

Vrijthof is my favorite square in Maastricht. It's big, there is much history and culture. Yep, Maastricht has my heart...

The church you see here is the Sint-Janskerk. It's a Gothic church in the historical centre of Maastricht. I thought it looked kind of cool, the tower is red!

We visited some churches, I was in the mood. The Friday before I had been having Art history at school. In Maastricht there are many different churches. Really worth of visiting some of them!

We went on shopping, this shop Cadeux was so nice! If I would have money, I had definitely bought something!

Address: Spilstraat 18, 6211 CP Maastricht



There was a market all about different cultures the day we were in Maastricht. It was really nice, There was even Finnish stuff, but according to my dad and I. It was really stereotypical haha! We bought some spekkoek, an Indonesian cake in layers. It is so nice!

Because we really had been enjoying our lunch. We went back to La Place for dinner. I had a tropical orange juice. Salmon with French fries on the side and for dessert a strawberry yogurt thing (what is the name....) And my sister had a pizza again. You got to treat yourself sometimes ;) Anyway, it was good!!!
Grote Straat 5-15, 6211 CT Maastricht 

We drove back home and I was so tired. We had been walking all day, and my headache came back in the afternoon. But it was so nice! I bought this pocket travel book about Barcelona! Yes, I'm way too excited. I have to wait for half a year and I'm already speaking Spanish only! Obsessed and way too excited Anna?????

I hope to see you soon!

How are you? Have you something you're really excited about? Tell me!



  1. Jaaaa Maastricht zooo mooi! Ik heb gelijk zin om er weer naartoe te gaan als ik dit zo zie! :)

    1. Ja het is zo mooi daar! Thanks voor je leuke comment! <3


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