Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wedding vibes: a diamond memory

August, Finland, 2015: The sun was shining, the windows of the Church were reflecting the sun in a beautiful way. The bride and groom came out of the Church and everyone was cheerful. The bride (my lovely cousin) was crying tears of happiness and it was a joyful day...

Peach, light blue & light pink. Details in overload! Last year my cousin had been doing all kind of things for her wedding. You could see it, every detail was made with love. And everything was in harmony. Of course I was shooting pictures like crazy, the pinterest vibe was making my camera hands twinkle. Here the result :)

It had been a really cloudy summer in Finland and the expectations for the weather were not great. But, a week before the wedding, the sun came through and shined bright like a diamond.

Just like the weather, the wedding was bright and filled with happiness. The food was local and so good! I couldn't get enough of it! After dinner there was entertainment and we had fun dancing and singing songs on the dance floor. *jump, jump, For my love ;)*

Yes, it was a beautiful day, when we headed back to my grandpa's house to go sleep. The stars were shining bright again, like diamonds...

I have way more Finland stories to tell. It was such a nice holiday. But this wedding was definitely the best part! Cheers to my beautiful cousin and her new man!

See you all soon!

Do you like weddings as much as I do?



  1. Ooh Anna! We Love You! ♡♡♡ Such a lovely post like your all posts! ♥♡♥
    And the pictures! ♡♥♡ hehe now I'm crying again :D for the happines ofcourse ♡
    xoxo Sonja

  2. Thank you Anna your lovely pictures and memories ! That really was so beautiful and unforgetable day for many ♡ The best day of summer 2015 :)

  3. 2.comment is from bride's mom..

  4. Superb wedding!! I really like the arrangements, they are awesome. For my wedding at one of venue New York my mom did best job by arranging wonderful flowers for centerpiece. They were looking simply adorable.


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