Monday, December 14, 2015

Food, food, food & Christmas..

It was around 4pm when we arrived in Utrecht. The weather wasn't cheerful, and we were already a little tired. In the morning we had been searching for a Christmas tree with the family. Now, we were going to a Christmas food fest. At let me tell you, it was good Christmas food...

The allerhande Christmas fest, allerhande is a food magazine from the supermarket Albert Heijn. Every year they present the Christmas foodline at this food event. I won two tickets from Femke her Instagram, which was so nice! (Thank you Femke!) Want to see what it was like? Scroll down for some pictures :)

The fest was in a railway museum, which was a perfect location for this event. The vibe was cosy and cheerful, just like the food :)

Let's say, I ate a lot. The free samples we got to eat, were bigger than they looked like. My sister and I really enjoyed the Ben & Jerry's ice ream as you can see here ^

Not only good food, but also beautiful Christmas decorations! My photography heart was beating like crazy...

The food, I enjoyed their bread a lot. Just like their: deer ragout, meat, vegetables and basically everything. Every brand had its own stand where you could try everything. Literally, I didn't need to have dinner afterwards.

It was such a nice experience, and I'm secretly planning on going next year :)
I hope you all had a great weekend!
See you soon!


Do you like Christmas-markets/events?

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