Thursday, December 31, 2015

Throwback 2015

Wait whut? 31th of December, ALMOST 2016! While some people outside are already playing with some firework, I start to realise how fast 2015 has gone by. Last year was a pretty awesome year, 2015 was a year full of good memories and changes. So today I'm throwing back to some of my favorite moments from 2015! Like everyone else today ;)

  • We had snow! (January)
  • I went to a photo exhibition.
  • Family from Finland came over!
  • My mom won a baking contest!
  • First time in Maastricht.
  • Worked on several photo projects!
  • Kingsday in Utrecht.
  • I went to Austria for the first time!
  • Visited Vienna.
  • Ate a real schnitzel in Austria!
  • Made a rap with my best friends in a recording studio!
  • My 16th birthday on the 27th of June!
  • I got myself a 50mm 1.8 lens! Absolutely in love with it!
  • Went to the Efteling quite a few times...
  • Some pretty hot summer days (almost 40'C degrees!) & cool  ice creams ;)
  • Ate a little bit too much good backings... (thanks mom <3)
  • Traveled to Finland by car.
  • Slept for 12 straight hours in the middle of nowhere (Finland).
  • Went out in the middle of the night to see shooting stars!
  • Had a beautiful wedding of my cousin <3
  • Went to a Racoon concert.
  • Enjoyed the Autumn weather...
  • I went carting with one of my best friends, which was pretty scary...
  • I made a bunch of new friends in my new class :)
  • A lot of good food on the Allerhande Christmas market.
  • I made our family Christmas card, which turned out pretty good... 
  • Spent my Christmas day at home.

I  have really enjoyed 2015 and I hope you did too! What was your highlight of the year?
See you in 2016!



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