Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hotspot | Fairytales in Amsterdam

Rain was pouring down our faces while we were walking through the streets of Amsterdam. While my parents examined the Amsterdam city map (countryside people ehem) I spotted a cute little cafe (I was hungry ok?!). 
As Hansel and Gretel from the fairytale, found their way to the candyhouse, I found my way to this cafe.

It was back in December when we visited Amsterdam. Let me say you, it was real busy. We wanted to go to the Rijksmuseum, but the line was a little too long. We decided to explore the city, which was actually pretty fun!

We were searching for a cute place to eat something. When everyone was busy with the Amsterdam city map. Me and my sister recognised a cute little cafe on the corner. Cafe Hans & Grietje (Hansel & Gretel). The cafe waitress told us they were full, but luckily two kind visitors told her we could take their places. The kind waitress helped us getting enough chairs.

I was happy to see fresh orange juice on the menu. It's basically my favorite thing to drink, my sister ordered a hot chocolate milk, which looked SO CUTE. For food I chose Dutch krokets and french fries with a salad (#healthy uhm, not ;)
The food arrived and we really enjoyed it! My 3 points of perfection:
1. The food and drinks are fresh.
2. It's a cute place.
3. Nice people :)

triple check!

In case I got you enthusiastic ;)
Spiegelgracht 27, 1017 JP Amsterdam

This was my first post of 2016!? Yes, I know. Hoping to post more often this year (my resolution, hehe). Anyway, I hope you all had a nice first weeks of 2016!
Oh, and yes. This was my first time in Amsterdam #countrysidegirl ;)

Have a nice evening y'all!



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