Tuesday, February 09, 2016

January favorites 2016

The first month of 2016, over. What happened?! I've lived a school life, learning, projects. I'm happy to have a little holiday now. And I'm totally celebrating it! For today I'm showing you some of my January favorites!

  • Let's start with my Fjällräven kånken!! I got it for Christmas, back in December. I absolutely adore the colour and the way it feels on my shoulders. I don't use it for school days I mean school, ugh. But for the weekends we are unbreakable ;) cheesy, really cheesy Anna...

  • Further more, I spend all my money on a new small camera! The canon g7x is my new pocket buddy. I have been searching for a good small camera for already a long time. Just because of the fact that I don't like to wreck my shoulders by carrying around my DSLR all day. This camera also has a flip up screen, which is pretty nice for taking selfies and vlogging ;)

  • This small leather bag, for the past month I have been using it over and over again. My mother got it when she was young, and it's still in a perfect shape! I used it so much because of my canon. It fits perfectly in it!
  • My E-polette glasses, it has saved me from headaches. I love spending time on my laptop and phone. And with these glasses on, I feel like my eyes are less tired after...
  • Hema, my favorite stationary store. Their candles, hand cream and other little things <3

My 'shooting' setup...
  • The traveling mood is coming up! In a few months I will be visiting Barcelona with my friends!
  • Lipbalm, even tough January wasn't really cold. My lips needed something more. My favorite was the vaseline lipbalm. I have the queen bee edition and I love the smell.
  • This sky was so pretty! Pastel skies <3
  • For apps I've been playing quite a few games. Minion rush, neko atsume and triple town. 

by ANNA (@anna27scrapbook) op

 So, how are you doing!? And what are your favorite apps?!

See you soon!

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