Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Philips museum

'Anna do you want to go to the Philips museum?' my mother asked. I had two choices, staying at home and learning geography, or visiting the museum. Easy, I quickly took my camera and left.

Philips museum, never really thought about visiting it. But on this saturdaymorning I was in for everything besides learning. This was definently better.

You get to know a lot of things about Philips its history first, really cool I think. Their first big project was for a Russian palace. 50.000 lamps. It has grown to a multinational company (Good thing about learning for a geography test. Getting to know these kind of high-class-words).

Philips electronics; music, television and radio. The cover wall was pretty cool, I liked the Abba one the best. Where I was pointing at ;) And hello Fjällräven bag, I'm bringing you to Barcelona soon! *jump, jump*

These headphones were amazing...

An overload of information is a good way to describe this museum. It isn't boring or anything like that. You get to know a lot of historical things, but also what Philips is doing nowadays. Clinical electronics (hello grey's anatomy obsessed) and other cool things like growing plants in purple light! Oh and a really nice chair...

After an 1,5 hour museum visit, we were hungry and bought some really nice sandwiches in the museum cafe. The people were nice and the flowers in the cafe. My photographic heart bet a little faster ;)

Emmasingel 31, 5611 AZ Eindhoven

That was it for this blogpost! Hope you all have a lovely day and I'll see you soon in a next post!




  1. Lijkt me ook echt leuk om nog een keer naartoe te gaan! Ik woon er zelf in de buurt maar nooit echt bezocht eigenlijk. Trouwens in die straat zit echt de tofste boekenwinkel EVAAAAAAHHHHH! Please tell me you visited the bookshop pleaaseee.

    1. Heeeei, sorry voor de late reactie, maar JAAAA ik ben in die boekenwinkel geweest! Ik vond hem ook super tof! Had er niks gekocht, maar een andere keer misschien wel! Liefs


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