Saturday, April 16, 2016

Barcelona day 1

Half a year ago, me and my friends were walking through the school. My friend was checking the mail, the four of us had been signing up for a trip to Barcelona. The result was in her mailbox. She started laughing, we were going to Barcelona. SO a few weeks ago on a chilly saturday morning the adventure started:

After waving my dad goodbye, and leaving the departure hall. Everything went smoothly. I sat next to one of my teachers and talked a little. As soon as we arrived I found my friends again and we all left the airport by bus. The first thing on our list Cosmo Caixa

Cosmo Caixa is a nature-historical & science museum. We were all quite tired and hungry, but the museum was fun. After the 1,5 hour visit we ate something at the museum cafe. I had a snickers bar and some water. While talking we got into the bus to our next destination, Tibidabo.

Tibidabo is the highest mountain/point overlooking Barcelona. On the top there is a big church, two churches to be exact. And there is an amusement park. We had a few hours free time, so I bought some Churros and shared it with my friends while admiring the view. The amusement park was pretty cute, but not really special. I enjoyed the slides in the playground the most ;) while my friends laughed about it, but let's pretend that didn't happen.

After wandering around the park we all got a little tired, since we had to wake up at 5 in the morning. We decided to sit down and watch people walking by. People waiting for the bus, people sitting on stairs of the church, and (almost) nobody understanding what we said. It was pretty hilarious.

When everyone got back to the meeting point, a group picture got taken. And we all left the beautiful view behind to get to the bus. The bus which would take us to our host family.

We got out of the bus, it was around 7 pm and we were all tired. The day had been long and we were looking forward to some food and a bed. The bus stopped at the meeting point and the host familys were waiting for us. When I heard my name I felt a relief, a step closer to bed.

The family my two friends and I stayed at was small. Two parents and a little girl. It was a small apartment, but our room was just great for the three of us. I went into the shower and felt a little like myself again. The sticky plane feeling was gone. We ate some soup, a spanish tortilla and bread with tomato spread. And left the table to go to bed.

It was a great first day.

I hope you liked this little summary of my first day in Barcelona! I had 5 full days in Barcelona so stay tuned for more -Barcelona blogposts-!!



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