Sunday, May 01, 2016

Barcelona day 2

I opened my eyes and the first thing I thought was; Barcelona. I looked around, the pink room, my friends sleeping in a bunk bed. What time is it? I put my feet on the cold floor and try to find my phone. It was somewhere on the floor I remembered, next to the door. My sleepy eyes tried to focus on my lock screen, 5.30 am. Two hours before the alarm would go off...

7.30 am, finally. The alarm goes. My friends open their eyes and I'm the first person to say HELLO GOOD MORNING. Yes, I'm that annoying person. I put my clothes on and walk to the bathroom. The door isn't locked so I open it a little. I hear a man talking in Spanish. Uhh, sorry. I walk back to our room and tell my friends what happened, they laugh. *knock knock* something Spanish, the bathroom is free.

We all walk into the living room, breakfast. I take a sandwich with jam and some orange juice. The bread is so sweet, I actually didn't need to put the jam on it, whatever it will be a long day. With my mouth still full, I take my fjällräven kånken bag and put the HUGE lunch in it. Ready to leave, Barcelona here we come!

At our meeting point we meet our other friend and step into the bus. It will take us to 'las ramblas'.

We step out of the bus and walk into the district 'el raval'. We arrive at the bike rental place and wait for the people to tell us what to do. We all get a beach cruiser! Mine is dark blue with orange details, and I'm pretty excited. I wait for the others to get their bikes, and together we follow our tour guide. She tells us all about the bikes and the tour in Dutch (yeay!)

I'm a little clumsy when it comes to riding a bike. But everything went pretty smooth. We started in the district el raval. El raval used to be a poor district, but got better over the years. The famous Gaudi spent the last days of his life in the el raval hospital for the poor people.

It was a nice sunny day, and the beach was right in front of us. The new harbour with nice and mostly expensive boats. It was great.

We had a little break at the beach, but soon got back on our bikes to finish the tour. The next stop was the Olympic park. This statue represented the people who had to move because of the Olympic park. You can see a tear dropping out of the face. Yep, art people.

Parc de la ciutadella, another photo spot. My favorite teacher of the group, took a photo of us. We laughed and listened to what the tour guide had to say about this beautiful place.

Heading back, we visited El born ccm a cool building with excavations inside. Casa Batllo, a house build by Gaudi clearly in the modernistic style. Inspired by a dragon form the story 'Saint George and the dragon'. Which is a really famous story/fairytale in Barcelona and Catalonia.

I passed the square and drove into the small street where our group was gathered. I drove slowly and passed the people with a little smile on my face. When it was time to get off the bike. I almost fell, because what else Anna.. and gave my lovely bike back to the owners. Yes, this was fun.

When we all got off our bikes it was lunch time. The enthusiasm for my lunch was not really big. Seeing everyone eat their baguette with cheese or meat didn't make me feel comfortable about my lunch. So, I decided to safely start with a lovely green apple.

A little free time was the next thing on our program. My friends and I decided to head over to MacDonald's and get something better to eat. And also to use a bathroom, but that's just detail. I ordered fries and we sat there for a little while talking about the most random stuff ever.

Heading back to the meeting point, we still talked. When everyone had came together again, we walked to our next destination: Palau de la Musica.

Palau de la Musica is a music hall in the modernistic style, not by Gaudi. But by Montaner, I was blown away by the amount of detail. And again, the building was somehow related to the 'Saint George & the Dragon' story.

We had a tour through the building, everyone was a little tired. But I still tried to focus on the tour guide, who talked English in a Spanish way (REALLY fast).

I found it a very nice building and know for sure that my father will like it too. Another reason to come back to Barcelona ;)

Next, a few hours to spend and do whatever we wanted. One rule, come to Placa de Catalunya at the end. From Palau de la Musica it was a 20 minute walk. And so we went with the four of us, on a slow walking tempo, to Placa de Catalunya.

Which was a pretty good idea, because this square was so big. We had a really nice time, sitting on the grass. Walking and taking pictures, and sitting on stones while talking and having fun.

Time to go back to the bus (which was across the nice square luckily). In the bus we had fun talking, listening to music.

Arriving at our meeting point, the host parents were not there yet. We were too early, so decided to sit in the park. After a little while the first host parents showed up. We had to wait for ours a little longer but stepped in the car with a better feeling. First shower, then dinner. The first sentence we got to hear every time. Our dinner this time pasta with tuna, it was pretty good! Of course as a dessert (like every other we were there) a little yogurt.

After using the wifi in the bathroom for a while (best connection, really clever), and brushing our teeth. We were ready for bed.

That was it for the second day in Barcelona! I really enjoyed the biking tour and the weather was lovely. Stay tuned for day 3!




  1. Barcelona is zo leuk! Ik ben er twee jaar geleden ook ooit geweest. Dat vallen met die fiets herken ik echt zo erg whaha, ik doe ook echt altijd iets super onhandigs op net het verkeerde moment, oops.

    1. Ja, verklaard ook een heleboel littekens bij mij ;)


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