Sunday, May 08, 2016

Barcelona day 3

6.30 an hour earlier as yesterday. One hour before the alarm goes off. I have the slightest feeling that my body just can't live with an alarm. I lay in my bed again, starring at the ceiling. The very pink walls and the stuffed animals on a shelf above my head. 7.30 am alarm, finally. My friends wake up, ready to start our third day in Barcelona.

Yesterdays disaster left me a little insecure about going to the bathroom. But as soon as I saw the bathroom door opened I happily walked into the room. While my friends already started their breakfast I walked to the dining table and enjoyed my really really really sweet sandwich.

We left the house in a little hurry, our friend was already in the bus. I jumped on the seat next to her, and we left to Barcelona to visit...

Casa Mila or La Padrera (which means; quarry) is a modernist building by the famous Antoni Gaudi. The Mila family asked him to design the house. So that's what Gaudi did, and the Mila family actually didn't like it that much. Next on was a litigation, but that was no option for Gaudi. He finished the building, and now it is on the UNESCO list.

Climbing the stairs to the top, it was an adventure. While we all felt our legs a little much heavier as usual. We kept on walking and made it to the top. Where the view was lovely. The city of Barcelona, and us in the middle.

The view was really pretty, walking on the roof tho. It was high, looking down was a little scary. After a (funny) group photo we left the roof and took the stairs a little down to visit the exhibition.

Coming back down with shaky legs the group gathered and left for our next visit. Parc Guell

Parc Guell a work by Gaudi again. He designed this parc, you see a lot of mosaic. I actually expected a little more, but it was nice to walk around. We all had our lunch, exchanged snacks and had fun with the other people of our group.

After our toilet adventure (warning really dirty toilet) we headed back to the bus parking and left to the center.

The Barcelona cathedral was next on the program. We didn't see it from the inside, but admired the view for a few minutes.

Five hours of leisure time, what to do? We did some shopping, walked around the streets, looked at living statues and had fun going to random shops, buying bottles of water and using the bathroom.
We slowly walked to the Colon, statue of Columbus. Where some people of our group were already gathered. We talked, sat on statues and waited for the bus to take us back. When we arrived at out meeting point, we stepped in the car and enjoyed our meal at our host parents. This time we had fries, something we were all really happy about. The woman of the house gave us a dessert (yogurt again :)) After our dessert, the three of us felt really tired and we fell a sleep easily.

Hope you liked that little summary of my third day in Barcelona! If you want to read about the first and second day in Barcelona, click on the two words :)
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