Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Favourite Photo's | 2013/2016

Italy 2013, I remember walking through the streets of Siena admiring the beautiful views. It was a really sunny day and my little old samsung camera couldn't handle the lighting. A few weeks back I found the photograph on my (way too full) computer and actually really liked it after editing it a little, almost a vintage vibe.

And so I'm sharing some of my favourite photographs of the past few years, enjoy!

Austria 2015, in the beautiful garden of my mother's aunt.

Kingsday 2015, Utrecht. A Dutch national celebration day in honor of our king. Orange, food & fun.

Maybe not the most beautiful photo, but the pie on the photo.... Really hoping my mom is going to make this soon, so mom if you're reading this ;)

Summer 2015, on the road to Finland, a stop in Sweden.

Brahehus Sweden 2015

Finland 2015 at mökki (Finnish for summer-cottage). Had an actual 12 hours of sleep at this place, which I could use right now. And the beautiful summer weather...

August 2015 Finland, my cousin her beautiful wedding. A beautiful day to use my 50mm 1.8 lens, really happy with these photo's.

Ai, another favourite photo made in Finland. Korvapuusti, you just have to try it, Finnish cinnamon rolls. If you like the cinnamon rolls at IKEA, you should go to a Finnish bakery and eat them there. Thank me after wards ;)

Kleve Germany 2015, shopping in Germany basically means: food, food, food & food. And lunching with curry wurst and eating pies. Yes, I like food.

'Racoon' concert, a Dutch band singing English songs with a 'bastille' kind of vibe. YES

's-Hertogenbosch in its autumn glory...

December 2015, celebrating the last days of 2015 at home.

Ijmuiden 2016, reflections and a happy day at the beach. Remember eating freshest fish I have ever eaten. It was so good, yep food again..

April 2016, Barcelona with school. A really nice week which I'll remember forever I think :)

That was it for today's post! I hope you liked it.
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  1. Thank me afterwards whahaha, nice photo's!

  2. Oh wauw je foto's zijn prachtig!!

  3. When you're through with that; you'll proceed to utilize a decent scanner to begin the enhancement procedure.


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