Monday, June 27, 2016


June 27th, my birthday. My blog sort of named after my favourite number: 27. Today, my 17th birthday came as a shock. I remember turning 15 like yesterday, time flies. Turning 17 is like 'almost 18' being one of the oldest in class. This last weekend I celebrated my 'almost 17th' birthday, and let me tell you; it was awesome.

My family came over and my mother and I had made all kinds of my favourite food. A raspberry pie, some of my favourite fruits, scones and of course brownies :)

It was a lovely birthday weekend, and today my official birthday I'll spend most of the time in school. Hope my friends won't do anything crazy, like hanging pictures on my locker ;)

So YEAY I'm officialy 17
Hope you all have a lovely day!



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