Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June Summer evening

June, my favourite month for many reasons. The summer weather, the happy people and fresh fruits. And so I took a few photo's on a June summer evening. Visiting a local market, eating burgers out of a foodtruck and roasting marshmallows in a fire.

Local markets and food are kind of my favourite things. So as soon as I saw a foodtruck selling smoked burgers I couldn't help not getting one. A very good decision. Sitting on cool old chairs and pillows I really enjoyed the smoked burger and the summer vibe.

Not only food, but also clothes were a thing on the market, this way too big cardigan wasn't made for my short arms. Though it was definitely comfortable.

The sun slowly went down while drinking fresh lemonade. Heading back home we stayed at friends for a small marshmallow roasting party.

Trying to roast the perfect marshmallow read: mostly too brown marshmallows. And eating cookies the darkness fell over the garden. 11 pm we headed home to go to bed, dreaming about the upcoming summer days...


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