Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Barcelona day 4

Barcelona, it seems years ago, time has gone by and I figured my last Barcelona post was from may. Time to keep up with this journey and throwback to april, Barcelona.

DAY 4: waking up was way easier than the days before. Half an hour left untill the alarm. I dressed myself in comfy clothing and peeked outside, a little cloudy today. My friends woke up too, and the three of us headed to breakfast.

On today's program, la Boqueria, the olympic park, las Ramblas & Sagrada Famila.

La Boqueria, a haven on earth to me and my friends, although some things were a little expensive. We really enjoyed walking between the market stands, filled with fresh fruits, weird looking meat & fish, chocolate and candy. Our teachers bought us some fruit. And I had a whole toilet adventure Read: Anna sneaks into the toilet but got cought by a mad spanish toilet lady who forced her to pay. Yes, never boring with me...

Next up was the olympic park, which looked a little sad because of the rainy weather. That didn't stop us from having fun tho. We visited the Olympic museum where I fangirled over Mika Häkkinen his F1 car, climbed a wall and ran with one of our teachers who eventually fell, I didn't laugh at all ;)

Walking down the olympic park, we came across the national art museum. We didn't visited the beautiful building but went down to a shopping center for the lunch. Churros and pizza, do I need to say more!?

The bus took us to our next destination: Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, or just Sagrada Familia. Before the tour we had an hour of free time, which we spend well. The mac donalds toilet, ate some left over lunch (an apple or something) and in the park in front of the Basilic. In the park was a man blowing huge bubbles, we spend quite some time watching, and of course my friend filmed me while I was jumping around the bubbles (maybe in an upcoming video?).

The Sagrada Familia is beautiful and I really enjoyed the colourful glass. It was worth visiting, I really want to go back some day :)

We headed back to our hostfamily and ate pasta with sausages. I fell asleep really easily and was already dreaming about our next/last day.

Day 5 and 6 are coming up soon, I hope you liked this summary of my 4th day in beautiful Barcelona!

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  1. Prachtig die gebouwen he.. ik kan daar zo van genieten!


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