Thursday, July 21, 2016

Favourites July 2016

My most loved things from the past month, there is a lot I can tell you. My favourite candy, chocolate as always. My favourite smell? Besides my new perfume, the smell of fresh flowers in the field.

1. Harry Potter audiobooks. I'm currently listening to book four. In may I red all the Harry Potter books at once and now I'm planning to listen them all as well. The books I have red are Dutch, but listening is better in English. Jim Dale his perfect voices are highly amusing and his British accent very satisfying.

2. DKNY Be Delicious perfume, I got it for my birthday last month. The smell of fresh green apples gives me a happy feel, like I'm in a garden full of apple trees, drinking apple juice.

3. Picnics, celebrating my parents their marriage. My mom had decided to go on a picnic. At our local supermarket she had bought all kinds of delicious things. We drank freshly pressed juice in the shadow of some trees next to a field. And ate as much as we could. A cesar salad, just made croissants and strawberry pie. It was a good, really good day.

4. Summer day events, a local market. Creative locals all in one place, showing what they got. Cute plants, stuffed animals, hand made t-shirts and much more. Again, good food spareribs, chicken and french fries. The share a perfect day event where I wrote a blogpost about, click here to read.

5. Higher temperatures, I'm a summer person. The past few days have been perfect, sun all the time and a little wind. Hello to shorts and jumpsuits (please tell me where to get cute ones, I have only one pair and I really need some more ;)).

6. My camera, my DSLR has been my right hand this past month, my 50mm 1.8 lens was such a good investment. Also, my manual skills are going upwards so I really hope to improve my photography this summer.

7. Water tanks with fruits, for my birthday party I had two of those tanks. One with lemon and mint. And one witch orange and watermelon. The last one was my favourite, a combination worth to try.

That was it for this little post, my stomach is a little talkative so I'm going to reward it with some chocolate ;) Until next time!

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