Friday, July 15, 2016

Share a perfect day - July 2016

I jumped out of my mother's car, right into the dirt. It had been raining the past few days and the parking-meadow was still a big mess. A small walk and we were there, the 'share a perfect day' event. Together with my mother, sister, my sisters best friend and her mother we had decided to go. We sure had a blast...

The event was beautiful, my camera and I were having a good time. All different kind of brands were located somewhere at the event. Everything separated in four areas: the beach, the country, the city & the park, which was my favourite.

Different brands like Starbucks, Quakers and local-Dutch brands. We drank smoothies, ate vegetarian meat and tried out loads of good food.

Not only food, cute concept-stores, hoop workshops, and concerts of various Dutch bands and artists.

I really enjoyed the Dutch artist Nielson, we stood there an hour long. At one moment it was raining so hard, but I had a lot of fun.

Walking around in the park and doing whatever we wanted was a very nice thing to do. My test week had been really exhausting and it was nice to put my mind of things like, eating chocolate and hula-hooping.

There was a real summer vibe, my pulled-chicken bread was delicious. And basically everyone at the event was enjoying themselves.

The day ended peaceful and heading back home we were all very tired of this 'perfect day'



  1. Super mooie foto's! :) Ziet er echt tof uit (vooral het eten whahahaha)

    1. Ah, super bedankt! En ja natuurlijk het eten ;)


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