Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer Playlist 2016

Although I mostly listen at Harry Potter audio books at the moment. I still like listening to music on my spotify once in a while. Want to know what's on my Summer 2016 playlist? Click on read more ;)

Somebody's Love - Passenger
The first song is by Passenger, one of my favourite artists at the moment. I can listen to his albums 24/7, Somebody's Love is his newest song and I love it.

Heartbreaker - Eighty Ninety
Discovered this song a few days ago, ever since it has been buzzing in my head.

Good Grief - Bastille
Bastille, also one of my favourite artists/band their new song. How could I not like it...

Please Don't Go - Joel Adams
The first 20 seconds are my favourite, the beat, his voice.

Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes
Stuck in my head since the first time.

Cake by the Ocean - DNCE
This song makes me think of my week in Barcelona with my friends. While we walked around at the Barcelona beach, eating crepes, not cake ;)

Barcelona - George Ezra
Hmm, didn't I just tell you about Barcelona? This song, is just as nice as Barcelona itself.

Sofia - Alvaro Soler
Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Also a city/travel song, I've discovered I really like those tracks.

Budapest - George Ezra
Miles in Budapest.... Yes, another city, in Hungary to be exact. I found out about his song Barcelona later on, but I've loved Budapest for a longer time now.

WILD - Troye Sivan & Alessia Cara
Troye Sivan his songs are different than the usual, I mostly like them. WILD an Youth are my favourite.

For the First Time - The Script
Every Thursday I go cycling/spinning with my friends at the gym. This song came on many times and I really started to like it.

Click here to listen the playlist on spotify.

Let me know what's on your playlist!


  1. Last week I was telling a friend that Cake by the Ocean would be a great song to play on holiday in Spain and it seems as though I’m not the only person that thinks that, you have great music taste :D
    My own playlist is on the blog :)
    Klaudia x x x


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