Monday, August 15, 2016

A nice first day in Ghent

Waking up after a good sleep made my morning a good start for the upcoming city trip: Ghent, Belgium. A quick breakfast and some hours of driving brought us to the sunny city of Ghent. Although it wasn't sunny all the time, but it just sounds better ;)

After a smooth car ride we arrived in the city, little did we know it was a car-free city centre. And after a little chat with a very friendly Belgian policeman, we finally arrived at our parking garage. Slightly blushing still but very happy to step out of the car. Leaving our stuff in the car we first did a quick walk into the city center, before checking into our hotel. We walked around the big churches and cathedrals and visited our favourite Belgian/Flemish book shop 'de standaard boekhandel'. Nice about the Flemish language is that it's Dutch with an accent (or Dutch is Flemish with an accent ;))

Back home we had bought a little Ghent/Gent guide. It really helped us finding nice places. Also told us where to find the best coffee in the city. So we headed to Barista where my father tried a latte machiato which he really liked. My mother tried this tea, and me and my sister had a chocolate chip cookie :) So for all you coffee lovers:
Hippoliet Lippensplein 25, 9000 Ghent

As for the ice cream lovers I highly recommend Nonno, the ice cream is really creamy and it ads a lot to the flavour of the ice cream. Me and my sister both had a 'speculaas' ice cream. A typical Belgian/Dutch flavour which we both really enjoyed.
Kortedagsteeg 22, 9000 Ghent

After some struggling to find a place to eat, we finally sat down at a random restaurant/cafe. Where I ate pasta, tagliatelle with salmon to be exact. Expecting a white sauce with soft salmon. I got red sauce with smoked salmon. Not really a success if you ask me. But I managed and with our stomaches filled we headed back to our hotel. And slept an hour later, very satisfied.

That was my first day in Ghent, a lovely city with really nice people.
Soon day two!


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