Saturday, August 20, 2016

Ghent day 2 & 3

After a good night of sleep, I wake up around 8 am in my hotel bed. I wash my face, dress up and head down for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I order a continental breakfast and while waiting for that, I fill my glass with some orange juice or juice d'oraaaaange. The breakfast host arrives with my plate I'm so excited. Warm freshly baked croissants, toast and a chocolate bun. A great start of my second day in Ghent.

A little gloomy it was that day, no sun, just clouds. We decided to visit the castle Gravensteen in the middle of the city. An old middle ages castle with a lot of it still in great conditions. We really enjoyed walking and climbing the sometimes scary stares. The exhibition was entertaining and the view was awesome.

A few hours later we headed back to the exit/main entry. Across the entry was a waffle stand. We ordered three original waffles. Actually I was looking forward to the strawberry waffle, but that was sold out. And 'Oh Boy' I didn't need those strawberries. The waffle was delicious even without them. Wandering around the streets with the waffle in my hands, it started raining. We ran into a little souvenir shop where I bought a souvenir card for my collection. Yes, I collect cards from now on ;). After the little visit we headed east way when the rain was bearable again.

We visited a cafe where we drank some drinks, juice d'orange again for me ;) And the weather still not getting better was a little sad, though it made the cafe cozier than it already was.

We had finnished the drinks and crossed the vrijdagsmarkt to eat some local goodness. At frituur Jozef (fries and snacks stand) we ate Belgian fries with stoofvlees (meat stew?). And it was delicious...
vrijdagsmarkt, Ghent

After the french fries we headed south to visit a bookshop. There I looked into Harry Potter and the cursed child. I'm really curious to read the book since it is a script... What do you think?
After the bookshop we walked back to our hotel where we watched Belgian tv until it was dinner time. Our hotel restaurant was awesome, I ate a Celtic sandwich and dayummmm it was good. The chicken on my sandwich was tasteful and the fries were crispy, perfect to my taste. We finished with some freshly made pies, which was a really good idea, the chocolate one was my favourite though. After the delicious dinner we went back to our hotel room and quickly fell asleep.
Patrick Foleys Irish Pub and Restaurant
Recollettenlei 10, 9000 Ghent

The next day was full of rain, we looked out of our hotel window and knew it wouldn't get any better. A breakfast is what we needed first and after my scrambled eggs we were ready to conquer the rain. Eventhough we had our umbrella's with us this time, it didn't really help. We did a quick walk through the city center and left Ghent for what it was. Driving back home I listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Back at home we relaxed and ate some pizza. Ghent, you were good to us...

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