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REAL study tips | 2016

Hello y'all it's been a while. School has started and since I'm in my final year it's really important to study hard. Over the past 5 years, I have tried many ways of studying and today I share my favourite tips with you!

First of all, I'm a visual person, I need to write things down on paper to fully understand what I'm doing. These are my best ways of studying and they work for me, I hope they work for you as well!

1. Take notes in class
There are different ways of taking notes, my favourite is one I recently discovered, which is called the Cornell method. You divide your paper into three sections, made with two lines. The biggest section is for random notes you take in class. The other two are used for after class, summarizing it and giving the text structure.

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2. Listen in class
 Trust me, you don't want to be the person to ask everyone for their notes. Being quite and listening to the teacher is more effective than having secret parties in the back of the class. Thank me later.

3. MAKE your homework
One thing I have learnt over these five years, is to really make the homework. Don't copy it, if you see the content and try to understand. It makes learning for the test way easier, because you have already worked with it. Really, DO IT

4. Divide the work
Better half an hour a day than three hours at once.

5. Memory cards
If you need to know a certain definitions literally, make memory cards and ask someone to help you with them. On one side you write the word and on the other side the definition. (also a fun game to do with little siblings)

6. Find your ideal studying area
Where do you like to study most? Your bedroom, living room, a cozy cafe, the library or at school? I found mine to be wherever I feel comfortable and have not so many distractions. I mostly study in the living room, but for this year I would like to go to the library.

7. Drink water and eat
It's important to stay hydrated. I fill a huge bottle of water and mostly eat nuts or a salad while I'm studying. I don't feel like eating junk food on these occasions, they make me feel unfocused. (I don't say you shouldn't eat chocolate tho, I mean chocolate all day every day;))

8. Music?
Do you find it hard to concentrate, or are you in a room with a lot of noise. Put in those earplugs and search on YouTube for "concentration'' or ''Study'' music. It's mostly classical music, I didn't work for me, but maybe it does for you!

9. Teach
If you understand what you are doing, you can teach. For tests it's important to understand what you are doing, to see the connections. Try to tell others about what your learning, give them a summary or test yourself by preparing a class. Do you understand what you are talking about? Congratulations you just got an A.

10. Ask
Do you have questions about what you're doing? Please ask a teacher, they are teachers to answer you questions. I always felt shy around them, but it really helps to just ask. If they're not around, ask your parents, guardians, older siblings, cousins, friends, ANYONE

11. Put that phone away
Really play hide and seek, all those distractions are not needed while studying. Those important messages can wait.

12. We all stand/study together
Is your best friend also studying? Do it together, make it fun with snacks, but focus on your work. Ask when you need to know something, teach, or make memory cards. Again, thank me later ;)

13. Planner/to do
I'm currently using two things, a planner where I write down all my homework and other important things meetings and stuff. And the app called Wunderlist, where I keep hold of everything I have to do. Things I should remember to do before... basically a viritual to do list.

That were all my study tips! What do you do for that A? Let me know!




  1. Handige tips! Ik had ook laatst gehoord dat je dingen heel goed kan onthouden door ze te vertellen aan anderen. (of gewoon aan je plant :p) Nu het nieuwe schooljaar is begonnen heb ik weer mijn klassieke voornemen om mijn huiswerk te maken op de dag dat ik het opkrijg, maar ik moet zeggen dat ik op deze zondag toch nog wel met een stapel huiswerk zit.�� Weet jij al wat je na je eindexamen wil gaan studeren?

    1. Dankjewel! Dat ken ik helaas ook (hallo aardrijkskunde).. Ik wil volgend jaar communicatie en multimedia design gaan studeren! En hoe zit het met jou? Oja, en je blog?��

    2. Hoii, ik weet nog niet echt wat ik wil gaan studeren maar ik heb nog even gelukkig (zit nu in 4 gymnasium) ik denk iets met taal of geschiedenis ofzo. (maar ik ben niet zo goed in kiezen) Ik ben in de vakantie ook bezig geweest met mijn blog, alleen ik ben nog niet echt tevreden over de lay-out. (heb nu gewoon zo'n gratis template van internet gehaald, alleen het is nogal wat gedoe om er iets aan te veranderen dus ik moet daar nog meer eens een keer goed voor gaan zitten) Ook ben ik nu school enzo weer is begonnen het een beetje aan het vergeten, maar ik ben wel van plan ermee door te gaan! Er staat nu een link onder mijn naam (of hoe je het ook zegt) dus je kan kijken als je wil!

  2. Huiswerk maken heeft serieus echt nut! Wanneer ik de toetsstof niet snap, komt dat meestal doordat ik (een deel van) het huiswerk niet heb gemaakt. Goede tip dus!


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