Sunday, January 22, 2017

I'm back

Hello y'all, long time no talk. My 2016 has been quite hectic, final year in high school has got me focused and working hard for tests and big projects. I'm in the middle of a test week, but I found my time useful to write a quick little blogpost!
So, where have I been the past few months?
I've been working on a big project about social media and the effects of it on our behaviour. At the end of December we had our final presentation, and a few weeks ago we received an 8/10 which I'm really proud of!

Also, I've been to Finland with Christmas to spend time with family there. It was wonderful when it started to snow, a few days before we had to leave. Heading back home, it started to snow here in the Netherlands as well. I had a little photo moment...

Visiting family in Finland was awesome, I took some pictures which I'll share with you soon! I met this squirrel in my grandpa's garden, he wasn't supposed to sit on this birdhouse. I thought it looked cute anyway. Getting this picture though took me 3 days, since the squirrel didn't like me close. With my extremely silent steps (uhum) I managed to get a few shots!

My 2016 in total? It went by really fast, I met an awesome new person, and mostly I had loads of fun while being busy. For 2017 I hope to graduate, enjoy my new school, blog more, and spend time with the ones I love most.

How is your 2017 going so far?


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