Thursday, September 21, 2017

a Student life?

New school, new lessons, new friends. Everything new... Do I like it? I don't know yet. But the freedom of being able to share my ideas, work on them, and go anywhere I want to go, is very nice indeed. For a little school project, I had to go to a museum last week. Since quite some people recommended the vanAbbe museum. I decided to go there and take my camera with me. The assignment I was given? "take pictures of what you liked most"

These ^ pipes were highly entertaining. My sister and I had fun taking some weird "peek a boo" pictures. The fun thing was though, after me and my sister had fun with the mirrors. All the other people in the hall were starting to interact with the pipes as well.

For my blog, I've always shared the stuff I like. This assignment was rather enjoyable. A few snapshots here and there, and after 1,5 hour we were ready.

The first weeks on my new school were a bit stressful and tiring, and for the upcoming weeks that won't change at all I'm afraid (because whaaa new job and whaaa exams). As far as my blog goes, I want to start posting more (as I've said many times before). Having quite some hours of spare time between my classes, I think I can manage it this time.

I hope you enjoyed this random and quick blogpost, see you soon!
Sincerely, Anna


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