Friday, November 10, 2017

Sunsets & Lakes | Finland | Summer 2017

Last summer I've been to Finland again! 4 weeks filled with fresh summer air in the forests... For this blogpost I'll share some little stories and a few photo's I took with my little camera friend. Are you ready for pretty sunsets, forests and lakes? Here we go!

2 weeks at the country/lakeside and 2 weeks in the city, of which I'll share photo's sometime soon I think. Anyway, we stayed with some family members at the family summer cottage, or "mökki". A little red house with lake view... Me and my camera like the place a lot. Pretty sunsets, campfire evenings, marshmallows and grill.

We had some sunny days, we went for a swim. I enjoyed the waterslide which my cousin made for my other cousins, my sister and me. After that I had some scratches on my legs but we had some fun for sure!

My cousin lives at the countryside which meant a little road trip. Fields of green, red houses next to the road. Me wearing my cousins Nokia boots in a pretty peach colour. Sleeping on the soft couch and playing 'singstar' on the playstation.

So yes, amazing summer moments... While here in the Netherland I'm wearing my autumn coat at the moment. In Finland there has been 15 centimeters of snow last week! Fun fact, I love snow... Anyway, I hope you liked this little blogpost. Hope you're well.
Sincerely, Anna


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