Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017... RECAP

(ohhh  sending you all the yummiest cookies for 2018 ;))
Well, what a year it has been...
2017 brought me loads of scary new things. They all turned out great however. Overall, 2017 has been a great year. Click on "read more" for my 2017 recap!

It started in Finland. My family and I had a blast during New Years Eve. The first song I danced to was "Ice ice baby".
School started, test weeks. Preparations for the exams.
Finnish family over in February.
Harry Potter the Exhibition.
The actual exams.
waiting for the results...
I passed!
My 18th birthday (whaa old)
Disneyland and Paris with my Boyfriend's family!
Finnish family over in the Netherlands.
4 weeks in Finland with my family.
A new school.
School projects... and stress.
1 year anniversary with my boyfriend!
My cousin from Finland visiting us again! A day in Amsterdam, a day at sea.
More deadlines and stress.
The holidays which I spent mostly at home.
And for tonight, celebrating with my boyfriend.


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