Sunday, February 25, 2018

My January & February favourites | 2018

Today's blogpost is about my favourite things from the first few weeks of 2018. My favourite piece of clothing, apps, music and all sorts of little things. I hope you enjoy!

Clothing: Bright & Beautiful (Lena Pinafore) Dress. This dress is made from corduroy material and is extremely soft and warm. It's an overall sort of dress. (Fun fact, when I was small my mother dressed me in overalls quite a lot). I've worn it on New Years Eve and the 1st of January. Since then probably 3 or 4 times. Wearing it while writing this blogpost to be exact ;)

Little things: Corduroy Nijntje/Miffy. I got this Nijntje/Miffy plush from my sweet boyfriend. I had been obsessing over it for quite some time. It's so cute! Also it's made from the same material as my dress. Nice and soft :)

Leuchtturm1917 dotted red notebook, I love notebooks. The material and quality of this notebook is 10/10. It has been through a lot in my school bag but still looks great. I use it as my planner and creative journal.

Watch: Moomin television series, the Moomins are an all time favourite of mine. I love the humour in the Finnish series. Snufkin and Little Myy are the funniest in my opinion.

Grey's Anatomy season 14... read my blogpost about what Grey's anatomy is about here.

Apps: OneNote app, this app is heaven for a student like me. Its synchronises all of my notes. I use it on my laptop and on my phone. The lay-out is simple and yet I can organise everything to how I like it.

Adobe Lightroom photo editing, no words for this app. We use it for school, my photo editing dreams have finally come true. I can use presets but also experiment with pictures in a way that I can basically change anything... Better lighting, better colours. Adobé makes Anna Happé!

Music: Ed Sheeran, his music has always been good in my opinion. However it was never really my style. I like songs I can dance to. His new album however, yes yes yes I like!

What are your favourites from the past few weeks?
See you soon!


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