Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Ice Ice Baby

Last Sunday, me and my family went for a forest walk. When we came across a frozen little pond, I of course, had to check the ice. The ice made some weird noises at first, but I had some fun for sure!

This was me posing like the Dutch ice skaters at the Olympics. Or something like it...

This coat, or as I call it "my Hogwarts robes" is my mother's. It's huuuuuge, but it makes me feel like a Hogwarts student. There's only the tiny problem that I need a Gryffindor scarf to complete the look. Oh well, a good reason to go to London isn't it :) You'll probably see me wearing this coat a lot. (I'm sorry mum!)

This was me realising, the ice was starting to get a little weak from all of my dance moves. I quickly got of (without wet feet) and enjoyed the rest of the walk in the forest. I also felt like Little Myy from the Moomin's in this outfit. Maybe because of the bun, coat and boots?

Or not? hehe, and yes... I'm a bit Moomin obsessed :) I spent a lot of my free time rewatching the Moomin series (oops).

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