Monday, February 19, 2018

Postcards, a tiny collection

I've always gotten pretty postcards from my family in Finland. When I was in Barcelona with my friend two years ago, and heard she collected something from every place she went to. I had a deep thought of what I would like to collect. When I got back home, I knew. "I'm Anna, and I collect pretty postcards."

I like to get cards, they're personal. My heart always melts a little when I get one. I keep most of my collection in this box I got from the Dutch post office. I like it a lot!

Disneyland Paris souvenirs from last summer!

A few of my French cards.

Finnish cards by Tiina Kärkäs. I love how cute these are!

More Finnish cards. Left is by Ateljee keltainen talo. And the one on the right is by Tiina Kälkäinen (I guess people named Tiina make very cute postcard designs ;)

I bought this one in Belgium, Ghent 2016.

More postcards... most of these are from my graduation party last summer. Moomin's YES! The two flower cards are by Raija Riihimäki (Finnish) and Marjolein Bastin (Dutch).

This is just a tiny bit of my collection. Most of my cards are to be found anywhere in my room. I have some cute ones on my desk, some hanging next to my mirror. I like them... a lot.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost! Postcards are always a good idea, I'm planning on buying new cards soon. To keep for my collection but also to send to some friends and family members.

Until next time!


  1. Wat super leuk! Misschien vind je het leuk om ook mee te doen met de swap? Want echte post blijft zoveel leuker he...

    1. Wat een ontzettend leuk idee! En groot gelijk heb je...


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