Saturday, February 17, 2018

Red houses and a new lay-out!

As you may have noticed already, my lay-out has changed! Last weekend I decided to change my domain name. Which also meant that I had to change the logo and a lot of technical things. In this blogpost I'll tell you the story behind the new red house vibes. 

A new domain name, anna27scrapbook got a bit too childish for me. So that's why I changed it to Anna Twenty Seven. My name and favourite number, all in one. This change meant that a new lay-out was needed. I looked up some photo's and decided to go with some red house vibes!

 I love coloured houses. Whenever I'm in Finland, Sweden or Denmark I enjoy the variation of colours. Living in a blue or red house is sort of my DREAM... So yes, this lay-out makes me quite happy.

List: why Anna loves coloured houses?

  1. The Moomin house is blue with a red roof... Do I need to say more?
  2. My family owns a small red house.
  3. They are photogenic from every angle.
  4. Coloured houses are happy houses.
  5. They look extremely cute!

And so my list goes on and on and on...

I hope you like my new-lay out as well. Maybe I'll change the logo sometime but for now, it's just what I like.

See you soon!



  1. Ik vind je nieuwe layout echt leuk! En leuk dat je 27 je lievelingsgetal is! Ik dacht dat je op de 27e jarig was haha

    1. Haha dat klopt ook! 27 juni om 07.07 in de ochtend ;)

  2. Ik kende je blog nog niet dus ik weet ook niet hoe hij ervoor uit zag, maar hij is wel heel leuk nu! Mooie kleur rood ook als accent! Ik zou stiekem ook wel een gekleurd huis willen. Maar dan eerder een pastelkleurtje als roze of lichtblauw ofzo.


I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

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