Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My favourite school essentials

Last Monday my school started again after a one week holiday. Which made me think about what I actually bring to school every day, what are my favourite things? What are the things that make the long days a little more happier :)

I'm studying Communication and Multimedia Design. A creative study where we do all sorts of things. As the result of having to print a lot for school, I take my new documents folder almost everywhere. All of my paper is now organised, which was much needed...
I have a thing for the colours blue and red (which you can read about in my 22 facts about me post) here above you see my blue pencil case (which is huge). And also my Dopper water bottle. I can not live without my water bottle, whenever I notice that I've forgotten it or something, I immediately get thirsty. Oops...

See here, my colourful notebooks. Which I actually don't use that often since I do most of the things on my laptop. Whenever I do need a notebook, I like to have some happy ones like these from Hema!
My planner or "bullet journal" which has an awesome colour. I really like to use my planner for the weekly to do lists but also for random doodles and drawings. It's my "try to be creative and (not) messy" book...

My phone where I have my note taking app (which synchronises with my laptop). Bus information and most important of all, my audiobooks...

There are a few more things I take to school like my laptop, cables, keys, FOOD, we can not forget about food...

What are your favourite things to bring to school or work? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Een dopper heb ik ook :-). Ik ben er echt heel blij mee :-). Daardoor drink ik ook echt meer.

    1. Heb ik ook! Hij is zo leuk! Welke kleur heb je?


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