Friday, February 23, 2018

My scrapbook!

Anna27scrapbook, yes my old blogging name definitely had a point. I love scrapbooking. For today's blogpost I'll show you some of my favourite scrapbook pages. The ones that turned out pretty well, in my opinion. I hope you enjoy!

This is my scrapbook. It's a A4 ruled notebook from Hema. It's huge! I'm planning to make it full, but for some reason I think the binding might not like it that much ;)

One of the first pages in the book. I like to play with colour as you may see ;)

Another blue and red page...

Photo's, drawings, postcards and illustrations by Flow Magazine. I love Flow magazine for scrapbook fillings!

Happy yellow to end this blogpost! I have a thing for colour combinations ;)

Do you have a scrapbook or something like it?
Until next time!


  1. Really lovely! Makes me itch to start scrapbooking myself too :-)

  2. Supertof! Ik wil ook zoiets gaan doen. Heb al veel knipsels, maar nog niets geplakt :)

  3. Wauw, het ziet er echt heel gaaf uit! Leuk ook dat je veel met knipsels werkt. Ik doe zelf ook al 10 jaar aan scrapbooken, maar gebruik vaak vooral duur papier. Knipsels zijn eigenlijk ook wel een leuke en veel betaalbaardere optie :)


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