Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Happy Alpaca's

At the end of this day I hope to be as happy as the following alpaca's. Getting my driving license has been quite a journey, which I hope to end today by passing my driving-exam. The alpaca's in the following pictures will make you smile for sure!

My mother took these pictures, I was doing homework at the time. I'm really happy with these pictures however, I mean... SO FLUFFY!

If I pass my driving-exam today my face will probably look something like this ^
I like to drive, the lessons have been fun. After half a year however I feel like I can do it now. The only bad thing are my nerves while taking such an exam. Anyway! You'll probably read something about it if I pass in my next blogpost!

I've also forgotten a day of the 40daysblogging challenge. I'll catch up by the end of the 40 days and add two extra blogposts.

I hope you enjoyed the alpaca pictures just as I did!
Until next time!

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  1. Ik hoop dat je geslaagd bent! :) Ik word zo blij van alpacas!


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