Saturday, March 31, 2018

Barcelona Story Time

Exactly two years ago I stepped in a plane with my school friends to Barcelona. A study trip that I'll probably remember forever. This was the view when we flew back to the Netherlands. The Pyrenees are beautiful! Click on read more, and I'll tell you some stories about the trip!

We stayed at a Spanish family house. When the woman tried do talk to Dutch to us, we laughed. She wanted to say, shower first and then we'll eat. What she said in Dutch was "dood, eten". What she meant to say was douche, which means shower. I was with my two best friends. On of them actually started to panic a bit. My other friend opened to Dutch/Spanish dictionary. "Ohhh, she means shower..."

The family we staid at, had one daughter. I saw Spongebob for the first time (yes, not joking) in my life while staying at their house. She really seemed to like it, we heard her laugh a lot.

My friends didn't always like the food which was served at the family's house. I however, was so hungry that I just ate all of my food. Plus their leftovers. One thing that I do had some trouble with was the Spanish bread. It was so sweet! I didn't always like it in the early mornings.

I'm known as the "happy person" when it comes to waking up. I had the alarm on my phone, so I had to jump out of bed first in the morning. However, my friends didn't wake up from the alarm. Which often lead to me shaking their bunk bed, they would wake up after 10 minutes of that. I had fun for sure!

Being in the city with all of the other students, we mostly had trouble with staying together. I was often the one who was taking pictures like a crazy.

I hope you liked this little story time blogpost!
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