Thursday, March 08, 2018

Plants are green, sky is blue, I love photography, what about you?

A photo is only one moment. One second of our lives. To experiment with perspectives, to look at the world differently. Yes, it's sounds very deep. Not my style ;) I love taking photo's, I think about lighting and all the technical things, but I don't do deep thoughts. I take in the moment and enjoy looking back at it. In today's blogpost I'll share some of my favourite photo's taken in the past few years. I hope you enjoy!

This blogpost is a little short since I'm busy with school at the moment. I'll be making longer blogposts soon! I hope you enjoyed some of my favourite photo's. I've found out a theme in this blogpost and all of my favourite pictures, they all have something blue or green. I guess that's really my style!

Until next time!


  1. Ik ben een tijd heel into fotografie geweest en toen begon ik aan het werkleven :( Ik wil me er graag opnieuw in verdiepen, want ik deed het eigenlijk echt wel graag! En ik kreeg vaak complimentjes, omdat mijn foto's er zo leuk uitzagen. Raar hoe je die kennis op een paar jaar tijd plots kan vergeten... :(


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