Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Food Hotspot Eindhoven & Blog Anniversary!

Yes, I skipped a day from my 40 days blogging challenge. My planning skills let me down, I had my cousin over for a few days. I had so much fun that I forgot about my laptop. A good thing, especially since I went out to enjoy some food. My cousin and I headed to Eindhoven and ate the most delicious döner bread ever!

Hizmet Bakery & fast fresh food...
Kruisstraat 77

5612 CD Eindhoven

Thank me later, everything is freshly made, it's cheap (this big döner bread cost me only 3 euros!). The people are nice, yes, definitely a hotspot!

Also today's the 4th birthday of my blog!

The 4th year of me blogging. I've had my ups and downs but for the upcoming years I hope I'll enjoy it as much as I do now!

A bigger blogpost about the past 4 years will follow later this week, stay tuned!

See you soon ;)

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